Microscope - shape

For the assignment I decided to challenge myself as I’m not used to shooting with artificial light so I decided to use only artificial light indoors. I have an old microscope that is quite an interesting object and decided to use that. Although it is rather battered and dull, there are still some shiny surfaces, […]

With diffuser

For this exercise I used two shiny objects and photographed them both with a diffused light close to the camera. Even with a light with a diffuser fitted there are very bright, overexposed highlights from the partially mirrored surfaces as well as underexposed shadow areas on the objects themselves, and a shadow from the object […]

With spotlight

I used a piece of thick black card with a hole cut in it and held this over the light to try to direct the light onto the subject. The lack of lighting on the background made it much darker. I found that by moving the card I could direct light onto parts of the […]

With foil reflector, dull side of foil

I used the same setup as for the previous exercise, with the light pointing horizontally at the subject from the left side. In the undiffused shot, with no reflectors, the light is very harsh and there are strong shadows with well-defined edges. The image with the diffuser has much softer shadows in comparison. With the […]

Light from above

For this exercise I set up a statue and used a hand held lamp with a remote release for the camera so I could move around with the lamp. To act as a diffuser I used a shower cap over the lamp as I did in the exercise with tungsten and fluorescent light. The initial […]

With diffuser

For this exercise I set up a still life with some jewellery and used a light directly above, both with and without a diffuser made out of heavy tracing paper which I held underneath the lamp. In the image without a diffuser the shadow beneath the ring is darker and more well-defined, and the butterfly […]

Broad street plaza

I went into Halifax town centre to take most of the pictures for this exercise. I set the white balance to “daylight” as I liked the strong orange cast that this gave most of the pictures, accentuating the feeling of an urban area at night with the orange glow of sodium lamps that seems so […]